Hello there! I wanted to ask two questions. 1) Do you know where I can purchase all 3 Tomie manga volumes online? I look into Amazon and they are too overly priced! 2) Also... well damn, I forgot the second question I was going to ask you but here's a different one, do you think that Junji Ito would every make a 4th Volume and creatively thinking, what stories and plots would be involved in the 4th volume? Thanks&love your blog!

Thank you! :) You can get used copies from Amazon that are about 35$ & 25$ here and here. A bit pricey but I could not find anything cheaper even for myself.

As for a new volume… Never say never! But realistically I’d have to probably say no because I heard the third volume had poor sales for some reason… But if Ito decides to make another one some day I’d imagine it’ll be an anthology type of thing again which is awesome. I can’t really think of any stories and plots off the top of my head, if I could I’d be a writer lol.

On top of that, every time she revives, she splits up…and she multiplies.


another tomie photoshoot!

full album: yay