Whew! These new Ju-on: Beginning of the End character stills are giving me LIFE, hunty! Look at how kawaii they are I hope nothing bad happens to them hehohehoheho… ^_^

hey do you know who will be playing kayako in the new ju-on movie? i cant find her in the cast. are they bringing takako fuji back??
Anonymous ASKED

I don’t think Kayako is gonna be in it, remember that at the end of Ju-on: The Grudge 2 she was (->spoiler->) reborn as a young girl by the horror movie actress Kyoko, so her curse in the Ju-on timeline is probably over. And she was entirely absent from White Ghost and Black Ghost while Toshio wasn’t so I think Beginning of the End is gonna focus on Toshio and his elementary school teacher Yui alone.

And I’m so glad they’re deciding to actually continue the storyline instead of pulling another White Ghost/Black Ghost yay!!!